SP-TP7 Touch Panel

The new SP Controls 7 inch Touchscreen controller provides a simple, affordable and easy to configure solution for presentation systems control. Using a bright, capacitive color display the unit responds instantly with the touch of a finger.

Using the quick and easy set-up and a configurable built-in GUI, makes the SP-TP7 a breeze to get up and running. Install the touchscreen unit with a required SP Controls NRC (Networked Room Controller) into all your presentation system installations. Update existing or older systems to touch control by replacing PixiePro control units in minutes. Seamlessly connects directly with existing or new SP Controls NRC units over standard category cabling or via your secure network.

Varied available mounting solutions for secure wall, equipment rack, tabletop or lectern, as well as legacy updates.

SmartBox+ replacement face-plates will provide a modern and streamlined look for conference and meeting rooms, classrooms, auditorium or multi-purpose presentation systems.

Take advantage of SP Controls’ extensive driver library built from over 20 years of control product development. Remote access, management and control of AV in multiple rooms and buildings over the network is available by running SP Controls SmartView Web software on your system through SP Controls Networked Room Controllers.


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SP-TP7 Touch Panel

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Specification Sheet 600.8KB TP7 Spec Sheet

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Networked Room Controller The NRC is a configurable, low-profile, low-cost, programming-free control system that provides RS-232, IR and Relay control. Compatible with the SP-TP7 touch panel and the PixiePro (PX2-MP-IR) button panel.
Secure Wall Mount Plate The SP-TP7-WMPRO Secure Wall ProMount allows mounting directly to a flat surface, mud-ring (PX2-MUDRING) or back box and securely lock the SP-TP7 in place.
Angled Table Top Stand The SP-TP7-DSKTP angled tabletop/desktop stand provides an elegant mount with a 45-degree angled view of the SP-TP7 control interface. Attractive and removable side panels provide ventilation.
5VPower Supply for SP-TP7 The SP-TP7 ships with one 5V Power Supply.
Power Over Ethernet Adapter 5V The SP-TP7-POE Power over ethernet adapter allows installation of the SP-TP7 using a single Ethernet cable. Ethernet cable must provide 5V power.
4-Port Ethernet POE Injector Switch The SP-TP7-S4 Power over ethernet four port switch provides the required 5V as well as network signal to the SP-TP7. (This is an unmanaged switch)
8-Port Ethernet POE Injector Switch The SP-TP7-S8 Power over ethernet eight port switch provides the required 5V as well as network signal to the SP-TP7. (This is an unmanaged switch)
Rack Face for TP7 Black The SP-TP7-RK is a 4 RU (4 Rack Space) 19" rack mount panel into which the SP-TP7 fits for use in a standard equipment rack.
Mud-ring for TP7 and PixiePro The PX2-MUDRING is a 4-gang mud-ring which accommodates either the SP-TP7 touch panel and the PixiePro (PX2-MP-IR) button panel.